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Saturday, 10 May 2014

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“Guru” as an adjective means “heavy or weighty” as in “one who is heavy with spiritual knowledge and wisdom.” Additionally, “guru” means servant; “guru” does not mean master. A guru is someone who is so filled with bhakti or love for the Supreme or Original Causethat he sees himself as the servant of everyone and dedicates his life to helping everyone find true happiness.
And words of a Guru are those words which can guide someone to choose the right path on his life steps. The words of a Guru has such a power that they can change the destiny of his disciples or followers.
As in the new era of today’s world every person is facing a lot of sufferings in his everyday life and is in need of a proper guidance to live happily with his kith & kin.
And we are sure that Guru Speaks is a solution of all those matters through which one can get complete satisfaction to get rid of the glitches in his life. Through which one can gain his soul power and make happiness stable in his life. And the whole world know it that a happy man can easily reach the top level of success.
So the “Guru Speaks” has started to help the humanity through various healing process to heal the anomalies and wish to make you feel healthier and happier mentally, spiritually, healthy, socially and economically round the clock.
To act accordingly “Guru Speaks” is functioning on the several stages of soothing cited below:
•Self Healing by Spirituality
This is a fairly simple and basic technique, which employs visualization, and a mantra for healing an affected part of your physical body.This technique gathers the healing power of the Divine, and activates the recuperative processes of the body. It uses the silent (not audible) mantra, which is to be sounded mentally with each inhalation & exhalation of the breath.
•Vedic Healing
Vedic Healing teaches the innermost secrets of the Vedas, India's most revered spiritual texts. Through a series of techniques used for thousands of years by Hindu priests and spiritual masters in India, we learn how to increase the flow of positive energy in our lives, becoming empowered to manifest our personal paths and raise our consciousness. Many of the methods taught in Vedic Healing have never been shared outside of India until now.
The goal of the Vedic Healing is to provide tools for expansion and self-growth, creating a profound awareness of who we are, why we are here, and how we may best live our paths. Ultimately Vedic Healingcreates within the practitioner the vibration or frequency of the Divine wherein anything is possible. Through the Vedic Healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness occur.
•Crystal Healing
Crystals, gems and stones, have a long documented history of use in healing work in practically every culture and religious tradition since the dawn of time. In our contemporary era, crystals are regularly employed because of their inherent ability to deeply enhance the work experience.
Quartz crystals are considered sacred powerful tools in many different traditions and have been recognized as such for a very long time. They have been utilized for their extraordinary abilities.
Quartz crystals have many amazing qualities—perhaps most extraordinary is their ability to transduce energy. Quartz crystals can take one form of energy and cause it to change form, moving up the energy spiral.